Clockwise from top left: Hotline by Lael Neale, Uppercut by Lou Roy, Lawn by Aldous Harding (Warm Chris artwork courtesy of 4AD / Aldous Harding), and Closer by Bonobo (Fragments album artwork)

From bangers to slow burners – the best songs out now.

Kazak’s Picks: February

Kazak’s Picks: January

Albums & EPs

Clockwise from top-left: Soichi Terada’s Asakusa Light (artwork by Masahito Hanzawa from POWER GRAPHIXX), Eiko Ishibashi’s Drive My Car Original Soundtrack (artwork courtesy of NEWHERE MUSIC / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC), Mydreamfever’s Rough and Beautiful Place, and Grace Cummings’ Storm Queen

The albums that no music fan should be without in 2022.

Four Great January Albums Which You Might Not Have Heard (and Three Which You Might)


Highlights from the past month and entire year collected by genre.

Pop Idols

Smooth Operators (R&B and Soul)

Hidden Dancefloors

Singular Vision

Rock the House

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