Kazak’s Picks: Singular Vision 2021

Clockwise from top left: I Don’t Need the Light by Bedouine (Waysides album artwork), Old Code by Chris Garneau (The Kind album artwork), Amoeba by Clairo (Sling album artwork), and Hard Drive by Cassandra Jenkins (An Overview on Phenomenal Nature album artwork)

In the right hands, the intensely personal character and individual focus of singer-songwriter music can make for some of the most powerful songs available to listeners. This playlist documents the very best from the genre in 2021.

The format is simple: tracks from the the past month feature at the beginning of the playlist, before turning to highlights from the rest of the year (in no particular order). If you’d like to hear the genre’s most recent gems, check out the first five to ten tracks. If you want to explore the year as a whole, simply hit that shuffle button, sit back, and enjoy!

If there’s a track that you think is the pinnacle of singer-songwriter music this year but isn’t featured here, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it at thebayingofkazak@gmail.com.

WARNING: All tracks and their accompanying videos are completely uncensored. A number of them contain explicit language that is unsuitable for children, NSFW topics and images, discussions of potentially triggering subjects, and/or political commentary that may offend.

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November’s Additions

Tracks listed in order they appear in playlists above.

Claud – Tommy

Camp Cope – Blue

Gordi – Grass Is Blue (Dolly Parton cover)

Jenny Hval – Jupiter

Parcels – Outside

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Disclaimer: Not every song included in this playlist is performed by a solo artist, as term ‘singer-songwriter’ can sometimes imply. There are also many tracks that are by artists or groups that would not usually be considered part of the genre. In this particular playlist the term ‘singer-songwriter’ is used in its wider sense, referring to songs that conform to a certain style of music popularised by singer-songwriters since the 1970s.

Further Listening – 2021 Tracks

The Baying of Kazak’s Favourite Songs of 2021

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