Kazak’s Picks: Hidden Dancefloors 2022

Clubs and dancefloors may have been closed for much of the past two years, but there has still been an abundance of incredible new dance and dance-adjacent tracks released in the meantime. These are the very best cuts I have found so far this year, capable of stimulating listeners’ ears and brains as well as demanding that we move our feet.

Whether you’re wanting to practice your moves before you return to the clubs or you’d simply rather bring the dancefloor to your own home tonight, this is the playlist for you.

The format is simple: once we’re into February tracks from the the past month will feature at the beginning of the playlist before turning to highlights from the rest of the year (in no particular order). If you’d like to hear the genre’s most recent gems, check out the first five to ten tracks. If you want to explore the year as a whole, simply hit that shuffle button, sit back, and enjoy!

New additions will be included on a monthly basis (more or less). If there’s a track that you think is the pinnacle of dance music this year but isn’t featured here, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it at thebayingofkazak@gmail.com.

WARNING: All tracks are completely uncensored. A number of them contain explicit language that is unsuitable for children, NSFW topics and imagery, discussions of potentially triggering subjects, and/or political commentary that may offend.

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January’s Additions

Tracks listed in order they appear in playlists above.

Bonobo – Sapien

BAYNK (feat. DRAMA) – 1 Chance

Jacques Greene – Taurus

Claptone & Pet Shop Boys (feat. Dizzy) – Queen of Ice [Pet Shop Boys Remix]

Kaizo Slumber – Human, A Cosmic Horror

Joe Vanditti – Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

Hikaru Utada – Find Love

Tennyson – Feelwitchu

Molly Nilsson – Intermezzo: The Wheel of Fortune

Soichi Terada – Double Spire

Goldie, James Davidson & Subjective (feat. Tom Misch & Frida Touray) – Lost

IMANU, The Caracal Project & josh pan (feat. Josh Pan) – La Fournaise

Jacques Greene (feat. Satoimagae) – Sky River

Charli XCX (feat. Rina Sawayama) – Beg For You

Ovid – Descent

Fort Romeau – Untitled IV

BAYNK (feat. Rainsford) – Remember

Bonobo – Closer

Nili Fossae – Into the Blue

Kinoteki – Pirate

BAYNK – What If He Put His Hands on You

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Further Listening – 2022 Tracks

2021 Tracks

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