Kazak’s Picks: Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats? 2021 (Electronic)

Clockwise from top left: Fata Morgana by Ochre (An Eye to Windward album artwork), You Could Be by Anz (feat. George Riley) (All Hours EP artwork), Robot Soul by Binaural Space (Karel Čapek’s RUR artwork), and Party’s Over by Half Waif (Mythopoetics artwork by Ali Cherkis, Nandi Rose, and Nick Levine)

Some songs are a perfect synthesis of human and machine to the point where it becomes hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. “Electronic” music isn’t really a genre so much as it is a theme, one where disparate styles of music find common ground in the production of new sounds through technological advances and manipulation. It is constantly challenging and redefining assumptions about what is “real” in music. These are the very best songs from the uncanny valley from the past month and all of 2021

The format is simple: tracks from the the past month feature at the beginning of the playlist before turning to highlights from the rest of the year (in no particular order). If you’d like to hear the genre’s most recent gems, check out the first five to ten tracks. If you want to explore the year as a whole, simply hit that shuffle button, sit back, and enjoy!

New additions will be included on a monthly basis. If there’s a track that you think is the pinnacle of electronic music this year but isn’t featured here, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it at thebayingofkazak@gmail.com.

WARNING: All tracks and their accompanying videos are completely uncensored. A number of them contain explicit language that is unsuitable for children, NSFW topics and images, discussions of potentially triggering subjects, and/or political commentary that may offend.

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November’s Additions

Tracks listed in order they appear in playlists above.

µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx – Philip Steak

Fred again.. – Faisal (Envelops Me)

Dawuna – The General (Radio Edit)

Batu – Inner Space


Anthony Naples – Pez Anthem

Jessy Lanza (feat. Loraine James) – Seven 55

Blawan – Close the Cycle

October’s Additions

Tracks listed in alphabetical order.

Anz – Inna Circle

Eartheater – Scripture

Eris Drew – Quivering in Time

Hand Habits – Aquamarine

Meth Math – Muro De Los Lamentos

Mild Minds – HAUNTED

Scalping – Deadlock (Laurel Halo Remix)

UNIIQU3 – Unavailable

What So Not (feat. EVAN GIIA) – Messin’ Me Up

September’s Additions

Tracks listed in alphabetical order.

Benjamin Fincher – Night Shift

DJ Seinfeld – Someday

Dua Saleh – dashery

Elkka – Harmonic Frequencies

Kadhja Bonet – For You

Let’s Eat Grandma – Hall of Mirrors

LNDFK (feat. Pink Siifu) – How Do We Know We’re Alive

Maria Peszek – Szambo Wybiło

Native Soul (feat Ubuntu Brothers) – Ambassador

Scalping – Deadlock (Laurel Halo Remix)

TSHA – I Know

Weval – Changed for the Better

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Further Listening – 2021 Tracks

The Baying of Kazak’s Favourite Songs of 2021

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