EPs of the Month: March 2021

The middle child of new releases, EPs are often overlooked in favour of albums and singles. But they can be the perfect format for artists to explore a single or mood coherently without spreading it too thin, or to simply strike whilst the iron is hot.

WARNING: All EPs, songs and their accompanying videos are completely uncensored. A number of them contain bad language that is unsuitable for children, NSFW topics and images, and/or political commentary that may offend some.

Norf FaceNorf Face (Grime/Rap, Norf Face)

Standout tracks: Baitest Sound, Look Both Ways

CHIKAONCE UPON A TIME (Rap, Warner Records, Inc.)

Standout tracks: Fairy Tales, Save You

Sofia KourtesisFresia Magdalena (House, Technicolour)

Standout tracks: La Perla, Juntos

JABCurrents (Jazz, JOON DADA)

YMG ShooterBook of Shooter: King of Nothing (Rap, York Music Group)

LushlifeRedamancy (Rap, Fortune Tellers)

Standout tracks: Redamancy, Depaysement

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